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Lettiera Eco Clean Probiotic
Eco Clean Probiotic Litter



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Eco Clean Probiotic Litter


Eco Clean Probiotic Litter is an ecological litter for cats, rabbits, rodents, ferrets and reptiles by Croci.
Thanks to the innovative action of probiotics of the Bacillus genus and the special active ingredient of natural origin, it inhibits the formation of ammonia, responsible for bad smells, satisfying the toilet needs of a cat for three months.

Eco Clean Probiotic Litter is made from special highly absorbent and binding vegetable fibres that in contact with liquids thicken, creating an easily removable ‘ball’.

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Benefits of Eco Clean Probiotic Litter

  • Eco Clean Probiotic does not scratch floors, does not damage carpets, and is hygienic thanks to the sanitising action of its active ingredients.
  • It is light, easy to transport and dispose of: being completely biodegradable, dirty litter and solid manure can be put down the toilet or composted, thus not generating waste.
  • It is ecological because it is free of silicon and quarry minerals and is made with a low energy process using no fossil fuels!
  • 10-litre (3.8kg) format, duration 80/90 days of hygiene following the instructions on the pack.

How the Eco Clean Probiotic Litter works

  1. Quiescent Probiotics are distributed evenly throughout the litter.
  2. The moisture released from the urine and faecal material activates the probiotics that eliminate the source of nutrition (ammonia) of the bacteria that cause bad smells.
  3. The bacteria causing the bad smell are therefore neutralised; the correct balance of Probiotics is maintained with a regular change of litter, thus ensuring an odour-free environment.
  4. The high binding capacity of the litter makes it easy to clean and dispose of, ensuring natural and effective odour control for a long time.
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