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Dora Butterfly Cardboard Scratching Post



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Dora Butterfly Cardboard Scratching Post


The Dora Butterfly Cardboard Scratching Post in the shape of a cute Butterfly is functional and fun, perfect for your cat.

Out of stock

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Ideal for sharpening claws, playing or napping!

Cats really love cardboard because they can destroy it sharpening their claws. Its insulating power also makes it a favourite place to sleep. The Dora Butterfly scratching post can be placed in any corner of the house. It is discreet but crucial if you want to save your furniture. Measuring 25 x 38 x 17cm, the size and angle are ideal for the cat to lean on to scratch.

Sold in a colourful box, easy to assemble and also perfect as a gift idea.

My cat does not use the scratching post. How can I teach it?

It is often the case that when we buy our cat lots of new toys, at first sight it doesn’t seem to be very enthusiastic. This can also happen if you buy  a scratching post, but in this case we have some useful tips how to make your cat appreciate it.

Place the scratching post in a place in the house that the cat considers its own;
if possible use catnip to help the cat;
insert toys in the scratching post.

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