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Tom Scratching Post


The Tom Scratching Post has a sisal-coated pole that allows any cat to stretch and scratch; the wide base provides stability. It can jump up and rest on the top shelf. Simple but functional design for your cat.

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Size 35 x 28 x 44cm, burgundy colour

The cat and the scratching post. How to get it used to it?

There are cats that just start using it immediately, while others continue to scratch furniture and sofas, ignoring it completely. There are various ways to encourage the cat to use the scratching post especially if you didn’t get it when the cat was small. The cat is an inquisitive animal. Its curiosity should be stimulated. One technique is to scratch the scratching post, encouraging your cat to do likewise.

The scratching post needs to be in a strategic position. Move it until you find the perfect spot. Catnip and other attractive substances can help stimulate the feline: catnip acts on the receptors in the cat’s nose and has a stimulating and attractive function. It should be dusted or sprayed on the scratchable part of the scratching post.

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