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Wolf Muzzle



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Wolf Muzzle


The Wolf Muzzle is made of plastic with faux leather tape. Provides maximum protection.

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Acquista questo articolo e ottieni 7-12 Punti - per un valore di 0,70-1,20
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The wolf muzzle allows breathing through both nose and mouth thanks to the special shape that allows the mouth to open easily. It also allows the dog to move, run and quench its thirst easily
by sticking out its tongue or putting its snout into the bowl. The particular shape of the side parts allows the muzzle to adapt better to the dog’s neck.

Maximum muzzle diameter: 5cm; Muzzle top length: 5cm; Muzzle bottom length: 8cm; Nylon drawstring circumference: 33.5cm

Please pay attention to the importance of training dogs to accept wearing a muzzle!
Your dog muzzle provides maximum protection for your four-legged friends while playing outside! It offers useful protection against accidental biting and barking.
When your dog wears a muzzle for the first time, the following may occur:
-Dogs will experience a state of anxiety when wearing the muzzle.
-Dogs will want to take the muzzle off quickly.
-Dogs will always try to bite through the muzzle. It is important to gradually accustom the dog to wearing a muzzle with the help of positive reinforcement. If possible get it used to it from puppyhood.

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