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The answers to these questions can help the user solve most of the problems that may arise when using the Domus pet bed. If they are not enough, contact the assistance centre at the following contacts:

phone no. +390332870860
e-mail: [email protected]

Fon.: +49-(0)6106-690150
e-mail: [email protected]


I have connected the pet bed to the power supply, but only the temperature control light comes on and not the sound light.
The sounds must be activated by pressing and holding the middle button for about three seconds. Once the sound indicator is on, sounds can be selected by moving the sound slider.

Can I also use it with small dogs?
The pet bed’s capacity also allows it to be used with large cats and small dogs.

What sounds does it include?
The sounds are designed for your pet’s complete relaxation. There is a choice of 5 different tracks:

How does the infrared sensor and light work?
The light is activated at the same time as the sounds. It can be turned on or off manually by pressing the central button on the top controller. Once turned on manually it starts to work through the IR sensor. If it detects no significant movement, the light will automatically turn off after three minutes. When your pet sits on the bed, the sensor is calibrated not to detect small movements it may make while relaxing.

How does the temperature control work?
The temperature can be adjusted from 15°C to 35°C. Heat or cold is released by a special ceramic plate that provides your pet with optimal thermal comfort.

How does the choice of melodies work?                                                                                                          The user can select one of the five available melodies using the appropriate controller. The melody switches off automatically 30 minutes after coming on if the IR sensors do not detect movement. It can also be turned off manually by holding down the central button for about three seconds.

How do I clean the pet bed?
Do not use abrasive detergents, use a soft cloth and normal furniture cleaners. Do not use water.


How to install the device?
Carefully follow the instructions in the manual. Ensure that the two upper trays are aligned and that the pump is inserted in the correct direction (the pump housing shows an embossed drawing of the correct pump position).

The pump is not working or the water is no longer flowing as it used to:
• make sure that the flashing red indicator showing low water is not visible. If the red light is flashing, the pump will stop working on its own, so add water.
– Check that all the parts of the fountain are assembled correctly: the two upper trays must be aligned and closed as indicated in the manual; the pump must be inserted into the special gasket and the suction cups must be fully attached to the base. The pump housing shows the correct direction of the pump
• Without regular cleaning, the pump and prefilter may become clogged due to pet hair and food debris. The pump and pre-filter should be cleaned weekly to ensure correct operation.
• Ensure that the fountain is placed on a horizontal plane and does not have any elements underneath that could alter its stability.
• Ensure that all the components of the fountain are present including the transparent silicone cylinder inside the tube that connects the pump to the trays.

How do you clean the fountain?
IMPORTANT: Routine and extraordinary cleaning of the fountain is essential for the appliance to function properly. All the cleaning operations indicated below must be carried out with the appliance disconnected from the power supply. Consult the fountain manual for references to the figures shown.
• PUMP pump maintenance is recommended once a week to prevent limescale or any residues from reducing water flow. Open the fountain, take out the upper tray and the water plate, empty the water tank. Disconnect the plug that connects the pump to the transformer by turning the ring nut. Remove the pump from its housing (FIG 5), this operation may require some force until the suction cups detach. Remove the front grille (you may need to insert a fingernail into the grille trim to pull it out), inlet plate, and impeller. Rinse all components under running water and clean the impeller compartment. Reassemble all pump components.
• PREFILTER Rinse the prefilter under running water to remove all traces of impurities and hair. Then reassemble it as shown in fig. B/1 in the manual. Be sure to keep it flat and not folded when reassembling the compartment to which it is attached on the fountain.
• CLEANING THE COMPONENTS. Remove the water compartment (fig. 3) and wash it by hand under running water. Use only washing-up liquid and non-abrasive sponges. Make sure you have removed all traces of detergent before restarting the fountain.

What happens in the event of a power cut?
The top reserve tank provides water for the animal even if there is a power cut. After the power has been restored, the fountain will function independently again.

The fountain looks dirty even after cleaning
If there is a white, calcearous substance in the pet fountain, it may be a buildup of mineral deposits due to the hardness of the water. To remove these deposits, clean the fountain parts with a solution of 80% water and 20% vinegar. Then rinse all parts thoroughly. Use filtered or demineralised water instead of tap water, which is harder.

Can I fill the fountain with any type of water?
Yes, the water can be either tap water or bottled water. If the tap water is too calcearous or hard, we recommend using bottled water.

How do I get my pets to drink from the fountain?
• Once placed in front of the pet fountain, your pet may be wary and suspicious of this new and unfamiliar object. Once the pet fountain has been set up, it is a good idea to allow your pet to adapt to its presence at its own pace. Some animals may take several days or even longer to start using the fountain, while others will start immediately.
• Your pet may prefer the fountain to be placed away from the area where it usually eats. So try placing it in a different area of the kitchen or in a bathroom or utility room.

Can I rinse the filter with soap and use it again?
Never use soapy water because soap residues can penetrate the filters and cannot be removed.

The fountain feels slimy.
• If you have several animals or dogs using the fountain, this may be caused by their saliva. Change the water and clean the fountain more often to avoid the problem.
• Be sure to thoroughly rinse the various components after cleaning the fountain. Soap residue could make it slimy.

The fountain leaks.
• Sometimes there is water around the fountain because of the way the animals drink. Some tend to spill water on the ground. Watch your pet while it drinks to see if this is the cause. In this case, you can purchase a fountain mat or other waterproof mat to place under the fountain.
• If this is not the case and the loss of water is significant:
a. check that the components are assembled correctly. In particular the two upper trays must be well aligned.
b. make sure that the prefilter is clean and that it has been assembled correctly. Be careful to keep it flat when assembled.

What is the button on the front of the fountain for?
The button has two uses:
a. when changing the multistage filter: the fountain signals with a flashing light when a filter change is required (every 60 days of actual use). Once the multistage filter has been replaced, press and hold the button for about three seconds to restart the day count
b. to restart the pump after adding water: for safety reasons, all operations on the device, including adding water, should be carried out with the plug disconnected. The fountain alerts the user with a flashing red light when the water level is no longer sufficient and the pump stops working so as not to run dry and risk damage. After adding water to the fountain with the plug disconnected, the device starts working again autonomously once the plug is reconnected. If water is added with the plug connected, to restart the pump, press the button once.

The fountain is noisy
Check that all the parts of the fountain are correctly assembled: the two upper trays must be aligned and closed as shown in the manual; the pump must be inserted in the appropriate gasket and the suction cups must be fully attached to the base.
Check that the pump impeller and its housing are free from debris or dirt.
If, despite these checks, the noise persists, contact customer service.