Accessori e abbigliamento per gatti

Accessories and clothing for cats

Extending the concept of Italian Design to the animal world, creating real fashion collections of cat accessories and clothing: this is the brilliant intuition of Dario Croci, born from the desire to combine the family experience in the textile sector with the study of trends of the market.

Croci designers follow fashion carefully, to create new collections every year in step with haute couture stylists. The strong personality of the garments prevails in which style, quality of materials and wearability bordering on tailoring coexist.


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Bandana per cani Sakura
Sale price€11,59
Save €9,90
Velor Black Clutch for Animals and Humans
Regular price€25,89 Sale price€15,99
Cappello per cane Fleurs
Sale price€12,39
Bandana per cani Blue Citrus Summer Sicily
Sale price€11,59
Sold out
Sale price€4,49
Save €31,09
Plushie Black Bag for Animals and Humans
Regular price€77,79 Sale price€46,70
Save €8,60
Lumberjack Clutch for Animals and Humans
Regular price€21,49 Sale price€12,89
Save €28,24
Lumberjack Animal Bag
Regular price€70,69 Sale price€42,45
Save €28,28
Velor Black Pet Bag
Regular price€70,69 Sale price€42,41
On sale
Logan Gorget for Animals
Regular price€16,49 Sale priceFrom €6,99
Save €6,29
Gorget for Animals
Regular price€12,69 Sale price€6,40
On sale
Bowie Gorget for Animals
Regular price€16,49 Sale priceFrom €6,99
Save €6,59
Bunny Ears for Animals
Regular price€10,99 Sale price€4,40
Save €3,59
Oslo Animal Scarf
Regular price€7,29 Sale price€3,70
Parisian Animal Hat
Sale priceFrom €10,79
Parisian Cape for Animals
Sale price€17,69
Sold out
Soft Stars Pet Blanket
Sale price€15,29
Burrito Blanket for Animals
Sale price€32,79
Sold out
Comfy Love Pet Blanket
Sale price€9,39
Save €6,24
Plushie Minibag for Animals
Regular price€12,49 Sale price€6,25
On sale
felpa per cani
Regular price€35,49 Sale priceFrom €14,99
On sale
Horizon Sunglasses for Cats
Regular price€15,69 Sale priceFrom €7,99
Sold out
Citrus Fruit Pet Bag
Regular price€44,89 Sale price€29,18
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