Trasporto e sicurezza

Transportation and safety

With travel accessories for dogs, you can travel with your best friend in your car or on public transport, with the certainty of always guaranteeing his safety and comfort.

Carriers, foldable fences and boxes for dogs of all types and sizes, suitable for traveling on foot or by any other means of transport. Car dividers and seat covers, as well as reflective jackets and other LED accessories useful for making your dog visible even at night or in conditions of poor visibility.

In this section you will also find many accessories for your safety at home, such as dog doors.


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trasportino cane
Sale priceFrom €50,29
Trasportino cane Rocket
Sale price€42,99
Replacement Galvanized ABS Box Bottom
Sale priceFrom €12,99
Metal dog and cat carrier
Regular price€51,99 Sale priceFrom €31,99
2 Door Galvanized Dog Playpen
Sale priceFrom €80,99
Dog carrier - Fast&Easy
Regular price€62,99 Sale priceFrom €31,99
Coprisedile auto per cani York
Sale price€22,99
Dog carrier - Evoque Assorted Colors
Sale priceFrom €23,99
Rigid dog and cat carrier with wheels - Vagabond
Dog car carrier - Passenger
Sale price€63,19
Car divider net for dogs
Sale price€12,79
Rampa per cani Flip Steps
Sale price€86,99
Sold out
Dog seat belt for cars with anchor attachment
Collare luminoso per cani LED
Sale price€16,27
Logo Croci
Sale priceFrom €13,79
Porta per cani Staywell
Sale priceFrom €28,79
porta per cani Staywell
Sale priceFrom €120,99
Rampa per Cani telescopica Deluxe Telescoping
Sale priceFrom €304,99
Save €28,24
Lumberjack Animal Bag
Regular price€70,69 Sale price€42,45
Sold out
recinto per cani trsportabile
passeggino per cani
Sale price€177,99
Harness with dog safety belt for cars - Safety Belt
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