Giochi per gatti

Games for cats

Cats have a very strong predatory instinct and for them playing is essential, not only because it is fun, but because it satisfies their natural instinct. By playing, the cat keeps itself healthy, both physically and mentally, and also creates an even closer relationship of trust with its owner. This is why it is important to choose the right cat toy.

The vast selection of Croci cat toys includes items of all types, from classic floor toys to wands with elastic cords, through to automatic, wind-up or catnip products. Here you will find the best games for cats to entertain him and satisfy his instincts, quickly conquering his feline heart.


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Tremolino Cat Toy - Assorted Colours
Gioco Gatto Bakery Croissant con Catnip
Euphoria Ball Catnip and Silvervine 2pcs
Cat toy Silvervine Wand - Euphoria Peacock
Topolino per gatti Erba Gatta
Gioco per gatti Palla in corda
Gioco Gatto Bakery Hamburger con Catnip
slimcat petsafe
Sale price€15,99
Cat Wand with Insects with Assorted Subjects
Game for Cats with Suction Cup assorted subjects
Assorted Color Dice Game for Cats
Gioco a forma di pallina per gatti con laccetto
Sale price€1,69
Erba gatta Euphoria
Sale price€4,89
Cat ball game with catnip ball - Euphoria
Bastoncino silvervine Palla e Piuma Euphoria
Little Fish Wand Game for Cats - Assorted Subjects
gioco per gatti
Toy ball for cats with rattle
Sale price€1,49
Gioco per gatti Bacchetta Provence
Sale price€4,49
Gioco Gatto Bakery Donut con Catnip
Gioco Gatto Bakery Pizza con Catnip
Gioco Gatto Bakery Baguettecon Catnip
gioco gatto zip con laser
Sale price€67,99
Fortune Cookies Cat Toy with Catnip
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