Dog shampoos and ointments

For a clean and fragrant dog, our selection of Shampoos do not mask odors but eliminate them, giving the skin and fur deep cleansing and delicate softness. Suitable for dogs of all breeds.


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Shampoo per cani
Regular price€12,99 Sale price€10,60
Spray sciogli nodi per cani Ultra Repair
Shampoo per cani OilCare
Gill's Opto Clean Eyes for Animals
Shampoo a secco per cane Gills Dry Foam
Profumo per cani ShinyGroove
Gill's Pearl Balm
Sale price€7,99
Schiuma pulisci zampe Gill's
Profumo per cani Deo Parfum
Sale price€7,99
Profumo per cani SoftElixir
Balsamo per cane SoftElixir
Balsamo per cane ShinyGroove
Shampoo secco cane Comic Fresh
Shampoo per cane Pure Detox
Shampoo per cane Soft Elixir
Shampoo per cane ShinyGroove
Gill's Straight Hair Shampoo
Sale price€6,19
Gill's Green Tea Shampoo
Sale price€6,19
Shampoo per cane pelo nero Gills
Gill's Shampoo Relax
Sale price€6,19
Gill's Woolly Hair Shampoo
Sale price€6,19
Shampoo per cane Pelo Rosso Dorato Gills Nuvola Dorata
Gill's Shampoo for Poodle Dogs
Sale price€6,19
Gill's Anti-itch Shampoo
Sale price€6,19
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