Guinzagli e collari per cani

Dog leashes and collars

Walking outdoors is one of your best friend's favorite moments, as he often waits patiently with the leash in his mouth to come out to stretch his legs and socialize with other animals.

When it comes to dog harnesses, leashes and collars, it is essential to choose the right accessories that meet your pet's size and character needs and make him feel comfortable and free. The selection of Croci® leashes and collars is designed for every breed and size, with particular attention to style.


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Adjustable Mylord Collar
Regular price€4,39 Sale priceFrom €2,99
Dog harness with medal - Mylord
Regular price€9,39 Sale priceFrom €4,99
Guinzaglio Flexi Black DesignTape
Sale priceFrom €21,99
Sale priceFrom €2,69
Dog collar - Soft Reflective Nylon
Sale priceFrom €3,99
Nylon dog muzzle
Sale priceFrom €4,09
guinzaglio cane Mylord
Regular price€8,39 Sale priceFrom €4,99
Pettorina anti tiro Bobby Rando Walk
Save €7,01
Guinzaglio cane Dias
Regular price€11,69 Sale price€4,68
On sale
Pettorina cane Nala Bobby
Regular price€13,99 Sale priceFrom €5,99
Adjustable dog collar in nylon
Sale priceFrom €2,29
Pettorine per cani Reflective Fantasia
Sale priceFrom €16,79
On sale
Bobby dog ​​collar - Access
Sale priceFrom €1,99
On sale
Bobby dog ​​collar - Renfort
Regular price€8,29 Sale priceFrom €3,99
On sale
Guinzaglio cane Nala
Regular price€9,99 Sale priceFrom €2,99
On sale
Guinzaglio cane Bobby Flower
Regular price€8,79 Sale priceFrom €2,99
Collare cane Rio Bobby
Sale priceFrom €9,99
Guinzaglio Flexi Xtreme Tape
Sale priceFrom €36,99
Dog leash - Flexi Black Design Cord
Sale priceFrom €13,99
On sale
Dog harness - Plushie
Regular price€27,39 Sale priceFrom €13,70
Nylon dog leash for training
Sale priceFrom €11,29
On sale
Dog leash with customizable tag - Glossy
Regular price€9,89 Sale priceFrom €4,99
Save €9,59
Braided dog leash - Enjoy
Regular price€27,39 Sale price€17,80
On sale
Sea Pattern dog and cat harness
Regular price€26,69 Sale priceFrom €10,68
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