Cura e igiene piccoli animali domestici

Care and hygiene of small pets

The health of small animals depends on daily care and constant attention to hygiene. Keeping your friend always clean is a commitment that goes beyond the inevitable bath and requires small and frequent precautions: brushing, oral hygiene, cleaning the environment and much more.

In order to guarantee impeccable care of your little furry friend, the Croci lines offer various articles for the hygiene of the animal and its cage, all formulated with the best components, for boundless well-being.


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100% vegetable litter for rabbits and small rodents - Biolette
Cassetta Igienica ad Angolo per Piccoli Roditori
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Lettiera per conigli migliore in circolazione
Sale priceFrom €2,99
Deodorante Spray per casette e gabbie di roditori
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Rody Nuvolotti for Rodents
Sale price€2,49
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Nest Bow for Rodents
Sale price€3,49
Clean Cage Spray Cleaner for Cages
Lindo Spray for Rodents
Sale price€9,99
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