Prodotti per cuccioli di gatto

Products for kittens

What's sweeter and more exciting than kittens? A kitten is the promise of lifelong joy, but it's also a big responsibility. Managing and raising a kitten in complete health is a big commitment, too often underestimated because cats are believed to be completely independent, forgetting how much love and affection they can give to their owner.

Luckily, you won't be alone in tackling this feat. The kitten accessories you find in this section are specifically designed to help you in this phase of your cat's life. Here you will find specific foods to help them grow healthy and strong, trainers to immediately educate them in the right behavior and the inevitable bottles to feed them when they still can't do it on their own.


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Kitten food - Vibrisse Natural Kittens 70g
Cibo per gattini Vibrisse Mousse
Cibo umido per gatti cuccioli Vibrisse Shake
biberon per cani e gatti
Jelly wet cat food sachets - Vibrisse Kitten Jelly sachet 70g
Spray addestramento Gill's puppy trainer
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