Porte e gattaiole per gatti

Cat doors and flaps

Cats are lively, curious and love to venture out of the house both during the day and at night. It is part of their instinct to venture into the surrounding area, checking and expanding their territory. In fact, changing the environment helps them to let off steam and train. To help our cats satisfy this side of themselves, we can allow them to enter and leave the house as they please using a cat flap, also known as a cat flap.

In the vast selection of Croci products that you will find in this section there is truly a solution capable of making any cat and owner happy. They range from classic wall or glass cat doors to cat flaps with microchips or magnetic closing systems that prevent other curious cats in the neighborhood from using them.


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Porta per Gatto Staywell Big Cat 4way bianco
Sale price€57,99
Porta per gatto Staywell
Sale price€85,99
Porta per gatto Staywell
Sale priceFrom €49,99
Porta Magnetica Staywell Deluxe
Sale priceFrom €99,99
Gattaiola con microchip
Sale price€252,99
Porta per Gatti a Bloccaggio Manuale Petsafe
Sale price€89,99
Chiave Magnetica Per Porta Staywell Magnetica
Chiave Magnetica Per Porta Staywell Magnetica
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