Snack e cibo umido per gatti

Snacks and wet food for cats

Ensuring a healthy diet for your cat is essential to keeping your pet healthy and strong. Croci offers a wide range of wet cat food, designed to satisfy all the nutritional needs of your pet, always considering the needs of kittens, adult cats and senior cats.

Dolphin free and cruelty free wet cat food
The Vibrisse line is made by choosing only quality raw materials, which contain Omega 3 and Omega-6 without the risk of irritating your pet's digestive system.

Choose Vibrisse for the best puppy, adult and senior wet cat food
Vibrisse Shake is a healthy and tasty remedy to ensure correct hydration of the cat.
Vibrisse Natural is a complementary wet cat food made with natural ingredients and free of colourants, appetizers and preservatives.
Vibrisse Jelly is a complementary food made with steamed meat and fish enriched with a tasty jelly resulting from the gelling of the cooking broth.
Vibrisse Menù is made up of complete premium quality cat food, enriched with vitamins, essential minerals and taurine which satisfy the animal's nutritional needs.
Vibrisse Mousse is a complete wet food for kitten cats, with a delicate consistency and rich in vitamins and minerals that meets the nutritional needs of kittens from 1 to 12 months.


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Natural cat food - Vibrisse Natural
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Cibo umido gatti Vibrisse Shake
Wet cat food in jelly - Vibrisse Jelly 70g can
Jelly wet cat food sachets - Vibrisse Jelly sachet 70g
Natural cat food - Vibrisse Menu 70g
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Snack per gatti Shanghai
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Cibo per gatti anziani Vibrisse Shake Senior
Kitten food - Vibrisse Natural Kittens 70g
Cibo umido per gatti cuccioli Vibrisse Shake
Coperchio per lattine
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Bastoncini per gatti Gill's Silvervine Sticks
Sale price€2,49
Jelly wet cat food sachets - Vibrisse Kitten Jelly sachet 70g
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