Solidarity spending

Help kennels and catteries in difficulty

It is estimated that worldwide, the number of stray dogs out of a population of 900 million is around 200 million. In Italy, one of the G8 countries, it is estimated in 2019 that the number of stray dogs is around 700 thousand specimens compared to 40 thousand adoptions per year.

The problem

It is clear that the problem is far from being resolved, especially in southern Italy which contains a large part of the Italian stray population in some regions.
The issue of stray cats is even more disconcerting since a census has never even been carried out to understand the numbers of the problem. The only certain data is the truly negligible number of catteries in Italy, we are talking about around 96 in 2020 across the entire national territory compared to over 1200 kennels.

Let's help them concretely

Participate too and help kennels and catteries in difficulty, purchase the products on our website USING THE CANILIGATTILI DISCOUNT CODE and enter the address of the kennel/cattery to which you want the products delivered in the shipping address, the code assigns the 20 % DISCOUNT on the cart total and WE'LL TAKE CARE OF THE SHIPPING COST!

NB Remember to notify the shelter that will receive the products so that they can be delivered as soon as possible, use the tracking code of your order to always be updated on the journey of your donated products.

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Come on, let's get involved

Which kennel or cattery would you like to allocate your solidarity spending to?

Cats on the road

Via Torino 17 – 20015 Parabiago (Milan)
Tel: +39 339 746 2973
FB page: Cats on the road Onlus

Mondo Baffo Onlus & Grandma Olga

Via Gasparoli, 176 – 21012 Cassano Magnago (VA)
FB page: Baffo World & Grandma Olga

Luino Animal Dimension – ODV

Via Vittorio Veneto, 13 – 21030 Brissago Valtravaglia (Va)
Tel: +39 339 7435306
E-mail: FB page: Dimensione Animali Luino

Fifty Micio scratches – ODV

Via Antonio Gramsci 12/c, 20873 Cavenago di Brianza MB – Italy
Tel: 345 760 4371
FB page: 50 Graffiature di Micio Association

Cat Village Onlus

Via Vittorio Veneto 65 – 21015 Lonate Pozzolo (Va)
Tel: +39 392 0646240
FB page: Cats Village Onlus

Animal Protection of Legnano – ODV

Via Don Milani, 24 – 20025 Legnano (Mi)
Tel: 0331 466 665
FB page: Legnano animal protection

EMI Association – A shelter for strays ONLUS

Via per Dairago 120/3 – 21052 Busto Arsizio (VA)
Tel: +39 347 790 8266
FB page: Emi Onlus Association

Strays by chance ONLUS

At “La Quercia Agricultural Company”
Via Valcamonica 27 – Limbiate (MB)
Tel: +39 347 600 8168
FB page: Strays for Case Onlus

Feline Synergy ODV

At “Gattile Fusi”
Via delle Industrie 70 – Lissone (MB)
Tel: +39 392 457 02 68
FB page: Sinergia Felina ODV at Gattile Fusi