In our online pet shop you can find everything your cat needs. From essential items for his care and hygiene, such as litter and food, to the much-loved cat accessories necessary to improve his standard of living, such as scratching posts, toys and kennels. Discover all the products designed for your feline friends.


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Lettiera gatto
Sale priceFrom €7,79
Lettiera per gatti
Sale priceFrom €10,39
Lettiera gatto Easy Clean Neutra
Sale priceFrom €5,99
Lettiera per gatti Supreme Clean
Sale priceFrom €18,99
Cibo umido gatti Vibrisse Shake
Salviette per cani Gills
Wet cat food in jelly - Vibrisse Jelly 70g can
Jelly wet cat food sachets - Vibrisse Jelly sachet 70g
Natural cat food - Vibrisse Menu 70g
Sale priceFrom €1,39
On sale
Snack per gatti Shanghai
Regular price€3,99 Sale priceFrom €1,59
Salviette per cani Oil Essence ecologiche
Salviette per cani Sensitive Aqua
Sale price€3,99
Cuccia per cani Hydro
Regular price€27,99 Sale priceFrom €11,20
Cuscino per cani Hydro
Sale priceFrom €12,99
Cibo per gatti anziani Vibrisse Shake Senior
Multi Filter Replacement for Aqua Fountain
Anti-stress dog bed Bobby - Poilu
Sale priceFrom €27,89
filter bag Aqua
Sale price€6,29
trasportino cane
Sale priceFrom €50,29
Sold out
Tiragraffi per gatti in cartone
Ciotola cane Vintage
Sale priceFrom €29,49
Kitten food - Vibrisse Natural Kittens 70g
Tremolino Cat Toy - Assorted Colours
Ciotola in acciaio Dos
Sale priceFrom €1,29
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