Cura e igiene gatto

Cat care and hygiene

Cats love to be clean, but taking care of their hygiene is often a big commitment. Not all felines appreciate being washed and brushed and you need the right cat grooming accessories to turn cleaning into a treat rather than a nuisance. We must not forget that choosing the right cat litter can not only encourage them to do their needs correctly, but also contribute to the hygiene of the cat and the house.

In this section of our shop you can find a selection of many Croci brand hygiene items. Here you will find the best cat litter on the market together with litter boxes, wet wipes, shampoo, brushes and hygiene bags. Everything that can be used to keep your cat clean and not only since there are also products for cleaning rooms and others to dishabit or attract the cat, in order to gently train it to maintain the right behavior. Finally, let's not forget the very useful Elizabethan collar for cats!


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Lettiera gatto
Sale priceFrom €7,79
Lettiera per gatti
Sale priceFrom €10,39
Lettiera gatto Easy Clean Neutra
Sale priceFrom €5,99
Salviette per cani Eco Pet Wipes
Lettiera per gatti Supreme Clean
Sale priceFrom €18,99
Salviette per cani Gills
Salviette per cani Oil Essence ecologiche
Salviette per cani Sensitive Aqua
Sale price€3,99
Sabbia gatto Eco Clean Probiotic
Gill's Litter Deodorizer
Sale price€8,49
Collare elisabettiano cane Softcamo
Regular price€16,59 Sale priceFrom €8,99
Panno assorbente per cani Wippy
Gill's Urine Remover for Animals
Sale priceFrom €6,69
Save €1,19
Collare antiparassitari naturale per gatti
Regular price€6,59 Sale price€5,40
Guanto per cani
Gill's Opto Clean Eyes for Animals
Spazzolino da dito per cani Gills
Habituator for Dogs and Cats - Gill's Pussa Via
Collare elisabettiano
Sale priceFrom €4,49
Spazzola per cani Barbershop
Sale price€16,59
Save €2,99
Olio di neem per gatti
Regular price€12,29 Sale price€9,30
Save €0,30
paletta per deiezioni
Regular price€2,29 Sale price€1,99
Gill's Finger Toothbrush for Dogs and Cats
Gill's Catnip Spray
Sale price€9,49
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