Guinzagli e collari per gatti

Leashes and collars for cats

It is a common idea that cats don't like leashes very much, but in reality felines love to go out and "go hunting/explore" together with their owner. A good cat leash or an excellent quality harness that meets your cat's needs, making him feel comfortable and free, can make your relationship even more solid.

Finally, we must not forget the vast usefulness of cat collars, whether they live mainly at home or love to go out alone to explore their territory. Anti-flea collars for cats are especially essential, but if you are worried that your cats might get lost while they are out, purchasing special GPS collars could be a good idea. In the selection of Croci collars you will find this and much more.


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Collare gatto Bobby Iris
Sale price€8,99
Save €3,81
Collare per cani Bobby Mondial
Regular price€10,89 Sale price€7,08
Save €3,00
Collare gatto Bobby Safe
Regular price€6,99 Sale price€3,99
On sale
Dog leash with customizable tag - Glossy
Regular price€9,89 Sale priceFrom €4,99
On sale
Sea Pattern dog and cat harness
Regular price€26,69 Sale priceFrom €10,68
Pettorina per cani - Fantasia Lemur
Sale priceFrom €20,19
Guinzaglio per gatto con glitter
Catmania Cat Collar
Sale price€4,39
Save €3,92
Dog collar - Kalika Decò
Regular price€11,19 Sale price€7,27
Save €14,70
Amazonia harness
Regular price€26,69 Sale price€11,99
Save €5,49
Dinomania Leash for Animals
Regular price€10,99 Sale price€5,50
Bobby dog ​​collar - Monoi
Sale priceFrom €10,99
Save €3,81
Bobby cat collar - Midnight
Regular price€10,89 Sale price€7,08
Save €1,75
Collare gatto Bobby Marina
Regular price€4,99 Sale price€3,24
Collare gatto Bobby Lost
Sale price€10,89
Collare gatto Bobby Lovely
Sale price€10,89
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Bobby cat collar - Kilt
Regular price€10,89 Sale priceFrom €2,99
Collare gatto Bobby Glitter
Collare Gatto Bobby Camouflage
Sale price€9,59
Collare gatto Bobby Porta Indirizzo
Collare gatto Pretty Blu Bobby
Sale price€8,99
On sale
Collare gatto Nala Arancione Bobby
Regular price€8,99 Sale priceFrom €2,99
Collare gatto Geisha Blu Bobby
Sale price€8,99
Guinzaglio cane - Fantasia Foodie
Sale price€10,99
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