Borse e trasportini per gatti

Bags and carriers for cats

Who doesn't love taking their 4-legged friend out and about? Yes, even cats love traveling with us. Sometimes, however, to travel it is necessary to use accessories such as bags, backpacks and cat carriers, without forgetting car accessories.

Croci products combine style and safety, fashion and comfort. A perfect combination of high quality. Your cat will be able to accompany you wherever you go in complete tranquility and maximum comfort.


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trasportino cane
Sale priceFrom €50,29
Trasportino per cani Promenade
Sale priceFrom €59,99
Trasportino cane Rocket
Sale price€42,99
Metal dog and cat carrier
Regular price€51,99 Sale priceFrom €31,99
Dog carrier - Fast&Easy
Regular price€62,99 Sale priceFrom €31,99
Dog carrier - Evoque Assorted Colors
Sale priceFrom €23,99
On sale
Trasportino per cani Vardouille
Regular price€62,69 Sale priceFrom €25,08
Vagabond Carrier Spare Parts Wheels 4 pieces
Save €31,09
Plushie Black Bag for Animals and Humans
Regular price€77,79 Sale price€46,70
Save €28,24
Lumberjack Animal Bag
Regular price€70,69 Sale price€42,45
Save €28,28
Velor Black Pet Bag
Regular price€70,69 Sale price€42,41
Sold out
recinto per cani trsportabile
trasportino cane
Sale price€107,99
Backpack dog carrier - Fast&Easy
Dog carrier - Car Box
Sale priceFrom €127,99
Vagabond Double Entrance Pet Carrier
Cat carrier backpack - Catmania Tomodachi
Odette dog carrier bag
Sale price€14,40
borsa isabella
Sale price€47,99
Sale price€37,39
Leisure One Shoulder Bag for Animals
Giselle Pet Bag - Assorted Colors
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