Alimenti e snack per uccelli

Bird food and snacks

Nutrition is essential to keep your bird healthy and strong. Croci offers a wide range of products designed to satisfy every nutritional need: from complete meals rich in fruit, vegetables and biscuits for canaries, parakeets, parakeets, lovebirds, to food for insectivorous birds, up to the tasty honey sticks, which guarantee complete the energy and beneficial properties of honey, as well as lots of proteins (in the egg version) and vitamins (in the fruit version).

The choice is completed by the GranPasto BonBon biscuits, which will make your bird lick its beak, packaged in practical paper trays for quick use.

All products are made with the best raw materials, to preserve the health and well-being of your feathered friends.


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Great Meal Stick Parakeets and Parrots Fruit and Honey
Regular price€5,49 Sale price€2,99
Grit Carbosal for Birds
Sale price€2,29
Great Ears of Panic Meal
Sale price€5,69
Alimento Completo per Cocoriti Gran Pasto
Sepion Cuttlefish Bones Snack for Birds
Sold out
Stick per Cocoriti Gran Pasto fragole e miele
Sale price€3,49
Sold out
Gran Meal Stick Coconuts Eggs and Honey
On sale
Stick per Canarini Gran Pasto
Regular price€3,49 Sale priceFrom €1,99
Mangime per uccellini insettivori Gran Pasto
Sale price€3,99
Save €1,50
Grand Meal Stick Canaries Eggs and Honey
Regular price€3,49 Sale price€1,99
Patee alimento per uccelli Gran Pasto
Great Mixed Fruit Meal for Parrots
Mangime per uccelli Gran Pasto Frutta Mix
Sale price€2,99
Mangime per canarini Gran Pasto
Sale price€3,49
Cibo per pappagalli Gran Pasto Bon Bon
Sale price€1,29
Mangime Pappagallo Gran Pasto
Sale price€9,49
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