Accessori per le festività cane

Accessories for dog holidays

The Croci fashion collections are for all seasons, holidays included, because your 4-legged friends deserve to always be themed for the occasion, perhaps with a fun Christmas sweater, which will bring a smile to even the most serious guest at the table .

What could be better, in fact, than celebrating all together, in the company of your pet? To do it in the most fun way, choose from the rich selection of accessories and themed clothes for dogs by Croci®, which will make your Christmas, Valentine's Day and Halloween souvenir photos even more irresistible!


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11 products

Snack per cane Party Cupcakes
Sale price€4,59
Palla per cani Party Tennis Set 3 pz
Sale price€8,49
Snack per cane - Party Candles
Peluche per cane Party Pignatta
Sale price€20,89
Peluche per cane Party Torta
Sale price€7,89
Sold out
Sacchetti cani Heart
Sale price€2,29
Bandana per cani Party di Compleanno
Sale priceFrom €6,69
Papillon per cani Multicolor
Cappello da festa per cani Party 6pz
Peluche per cane Party Osso
Sale price€8,69
Snack per cane San Valentino Hearts
Sale price€9,19
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