Prodotti per cani termici e rinfrescanti

Thermal and refreshing dog products

Just like men and women, the alternation of the seasons has effects on the physical balance of animals, especially when it comes to the most demanding periods from a climatic point of view.

Face the heat without fear with thermal dog products
Heat poses a danger to long-haired dogs, as it can cause heat stroke or heart problems. It is important to protect your puppy from the summer heat, in this section you can find cooling mats for dogs, cooling dog collars and dog paddling pools.

Protect your dog from the winter cold with thermal dog products
During the colder periods it is important to protect the animal, especially if short-haired or small, from the cold. From this point of view, mats and thermal kennels for dogs are useful, so no additional aid such as electricity or water is necessary, but the heat is generated by the pressure of the animal's body.


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Salvagente per cani Clownfish
Sale priceFrom €28,39
Tappetino refrigerante cane
Sale priceFrom €6,99
Salvagente cane Shark
Sale priceFrom €28,39
Tappetino refrigerante cane Pop
Sale priceFrom €12,99
Dog cooling mat - Sakura
Sale priceFrom €12,99
Dog Cooling Mat - Blue Citrus
Sale priceFrom €12,99
Tappetino refrigerante cane Rattan
Sale priceFrom €16,99
Save €20,00
Kit da viaggio Fresh passeggiata con cane
Regular price€33,39 Sale price€13,39
Maglia per cani Sunshield
Dog cooling mat - Flying Pigs
Sale priceFrom €12,99
Tappetino refrigerante cane - Fresh Antimosquitos Grass
Tappetino refrigerante cane - Fantasia Whales
Sale price€24,19
Tappetino refrigerante cane - Leopard
Sale priceFrom €13,99
On sale
Tappetino refrigerante cane Wood
Regular price€13,99 Sale priceFrom €5,60
Piscinetta per cani
Sale priceFrom €43,99
Dog bathrobe - Cat
Sale price€10,99
Accappatoio per cani Shark
Sale price€37,99
Gioco cane refrigerante Fresh Freezy Granchio
Sale price€8,99
Scarpe per cani Let's Walk
Sale priceFrom €34,69
Piscinetta per cani da esterno
Sale priceFrom €109,99
Kit da viaggio passeggiata con cane Travel Fresh
Sale price€29,19
Gioco cane refrigerante - Starfish
Sale price€9,59
Tappetino refrigerante cane Icecreams
Tappetino refrigerante cane Lemuri
Sale price€19,99
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