Gabbie e accessori per uccelli

Bird cages and accessories

For some small animals and birds, the cage is a home, so it is important to choose the best solution to make them feel at home. The large Croci selection includes cages of all sizes, designed to give little friends a welcoming space in which they always feel safe.

Choose from the proposals dedicated to canaries, parakeets, parrots and many others; you will find ideal solutions for both indoors and outdoors and many accessories (nests, feeders, drinkers, baths), to provide the environment with all the comforts your bird needs and the comforts it deserves.


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A.34 Beverino Florence
Sale price€1,99
A.52 Feeder with Iron Hooks
Sale price€6,49
A.15 Feeder with Iron Hooks
Sale price€2,99
Save €71,40
Perch for Parrots
Regular price€203,99 Sale price€132,59
Voliera grecale per uccelli Croci
Sale price€310,99
Lucca drinking bottle with ring
A.38 Beverino Udine
Sale price€0,99
Round External Bird Bath
Sale price€4,99
A.25 Feeder with Iron Hooks
Sale price€4,99
A.24 External manger
Sale price€0,99
A.56 Iron and Plastic Nest Holder
Felt nest
Sale price€1,69
Wooden Nest for Coconuts
Sale price€6,89
Bamboo nest for canaries
Sale price€1,99
Bamboo Nest for Exotic Birds
Sale price€3,59
Parrot Cage
Sale price€121,99
Sold out
Oriente Cage for Canaries
Sale price€18,99
Sold out
Gaia Cage for Canaries
Sale price€53,99
Sold out
Luna Cage for Canaries
Sale price€27,99
Neve Round Cage with Hook for Canaries
Sold out
Summer Cage for Canaries
Sale price€17,89
Sold out
Primavera Cage for Canaries
Sale price€17,89
Sold out
Alba Cage for Canaries
Sale price€17,89
Save €30,45
Elisa Gabbia for Canarini
Regular price€86,99 Sale price€56,54
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