A line of cat toys made up of only natural materials: catnip and silvevine . Non-toxic, safe, edible and irresistible! The smell released will capture your cat's attention and drive him crazy! After use, the cat will enter a phase of total relaxation, improving its psychophysical well-being.


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Euphoria Ball Catnip and Silvervine 2pcs
Cat toy Silvervine Wand - Euphoria Peacock
Erba gatta Euphoria
Sale price€4,89
Cat ball game with catnip ball - Euphoria
Bastoncino silvervine Palla e Piuma Euphoria
Bastoncini masticabili silvervine Euphoria
Palline erba gatta silvervine Euphoria
Euphoria Stick Silvervine 5 Pcs
Gioco con erba gatta Lollipop
Euphoria Stick Catnip Stella
Sale price€3,89
Euphoria Stick Cat Face Catnip
Sale price€3,89
Erba gatta per gatto Cuore
Sale price€4,89
Tronchetto silvervine Euphoria
Bacchetta erba gatta stick stella Euphoria
Baccjetta erba gatta Stick Cat Face
Bacchetta silvervine piuma palla Euphoria
Tiragraffi gatto erba gatta Euphoria
Palla erba gatta con piuma Euphoria
Gioco con erba gatta Cuscinetti Euphoria
Sale price€6,09
Euphoria Silvervine Ankle Boot
Sale price€3,89
Cat toy Silvervine wand with feather - Euphoria
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