Litter for Rabbits - Wood Litter

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Wood Litter is a 100% natural vegetable litter for rabbits which, thanks to its high absorbent power, eliminates all odors without having to resort to chemical products
Available in 1kg/15 lt and 4kg/60 lt packs.
If you have the annoying problem of eliminating the smell of rabbit litter, with Wood Litter you have found the perfect solution.
100% hygienic and compostable vegetable litter for rabbits
The Wood Litter for Rodents and Rabbits is made of 100% natural wood shavings, and is suitable for all small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs and guinea pigs.
If you want to maintain a clean, hygienic and odor-free environment for your little friends, rely on the Wood Litter Hygienic Litter for Rodents.

Weight: 1kg
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