Dog leash - Flexi Black Design Tape

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The Flexi Black Design Tape Dog Leash is a comfortable retractable dog leash, which allows your furry friend to feel free, in complete safety. The leash unwinds up to 5 meters and locks if necessary, thanks to the short-stroke braking system.
The handle is comfortable and adjustable for long walks in the company of your best friend. The classic among flexi leashes that meets the highest demands for quality and comfort.
The Black Design Tape is available in small, medium and large sizes, extendable up to 5 metres. The available colors of the Flexi brand retractable leash are black, blue, green, fuchsia.
Among the strong points are also the new braking system and the new ergonomic shape.

Color: Blue
Measure: S
SKU: C5055656