Dog shampoo eliminates odors - Gill's OilCare

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Shampoo for dogs based on delicate essential oils, with aromatherapeutic properties and a long-lasting scent.
It thoroughly cleans the animal's fur, giving it volume, body and softness. Thanks to its emollient action and its viscous consistency, it allows you to untangle knots and eliminate frizz, giving greater shine to the coat. Format: 300 ml.
Concentrated dog shampoo for double the duration
The product is made with a concentrated formulation, which, unlike other dog shampoos on the market, ensures double the number of washes and above all less plastic waste.
OilCare is a complete line of shampoos made up of 8 different scents, all containing specific essential oils to satisfy all needs.
All the products in the OilCare line are particularly suitable if you are looking for a shampoo for puppies or dogs with sensitive skin.
If you choose OilCare, your Fido friend will enjoy endless moments of well-being and relaxation for a truly regenerating experience!

Fragrance: Shine
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