Natural cat food - Vibrisse Menu 70g

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Vibrisse Menù is a complete and excellent quality cat food for your pet. Excellent quality cat food enriched with delicious sauces and garnishes.
100% natural natural cat food available in large packs of 24 pieces
The ingredients chosen are natural and rich in essential vitamins and minerals to which taurine is added which helps to fully satisfy the animal's nutritional needs, promoting heart and vision health.
The use of selected parts of tuna naturally provides polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3 and Omega-6) which contribute to the physical well-being of your pet and the health of its fur.
All the ingredients used come from "dolphin free" fishing of non-at-risk species and from "cruelty free" farms which guarantee compliance with current regulations in the animal welfare sector.
The product is available in single packs of 70g or in a large pack of 24 pieces.

Taste: Chicken Goji Berries Cheese
Pieces: 24
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