Bobby dog ​​collar - Arlequin

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Arlequin is a simple two-tone nylon dog collar made with a contrasting central band positioned along the entire center of the collar.
The strap is embellished with a flexible and removable bone-shaped pendant available in numerous colours. Conveniently machine washable.
Two-tone nylon dog collar, removable and easy to wear pendant
We know well how the collar is a product that is not always easy to put on your dog, in fact this dog collar was created with the aim of making this practice simple and quick.
The Arlequin dog collar is a simple strap equipped with an adjustable buckle which makes the collar adaptable to dogs of all breeds and sizes and a practical click closure.
If you want a simple and elegant collar for your pet, this is the one for you!

Measure: 18-28 X 1 CM
Color: Beige
SKU: CLARLE_13_010