Dog collar - Sicily Summer

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The Sicily Summer line is made up of lively dog ​​collars inspired by our Sicily. The dog collar is made of nylon and neoprene and is available in three wonderful summer prints embellished with a cute removable bow tie with Velcro.
The product is fully adjustable thanks to the presence of a rigid and resistant plastic buckle.
Dog collar with removable bow tie!
For a simpler style it is possible to remove the bow tie and easily adapt it to any other collar, making even the most banal collars original.
This feature makes the product suitable for anyone, both those looking for a sober but nice style and those who want to give an extra edge to the look of their furry friend.
Available size: 32-50X2 CM, 28-44X1.5 CM. Have fun combining these collars with all the accessories that make up the Sicily Summer line!

Measure: 32-50 X 2 CM
Color: Blue
SKU: C5057373