Bobby dog ​​pillow - Poilu

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Poilu is a very soft dog cushion designed to offer a feeling of total protection to your pet, promoting total relaxation.
This is facilitated by the very soft 100% polyester padding which guarantees super comfortable moments of relaxation for your four-legged friend.
Super comfortable and machine washable eco fur dog and cat cushion
The product is available in two colors beige and black and the entire structure can be easily placed in the washing machine at a maximum of 30°.
The product is available in different sizes and this makes it perfect for most dog or cat breeds: 55×45 cm, 65×56 cm, 73×58 cm, 88×58 cm, 103×72 cm.

Color: Beige
Measure: 103 X 72 CM
SKU: CNPOIL_91_103