Hygienic panties for dogs - Doggy Pants

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Comfortable hygienic panties for dogs, made of cotton and elastic, with adjustable Velcro closure. Soft and comfortable with a hole for the tail and internal ties for the absorbent material.
Hygienic panties for dogs in heat, incontinent or with a menstrual cycle
Useful for incontinence or menstrual cycle. Accessory adaptable to every breed and size. Practical and hygienic, dog panties are necessary when managing particular periods and situations of your four-legged friend.
Available sizes referring to the circumference of the pelvis: 25 CM, 30 CM, 35 CM, 40 CM, 45 CM, 50 CM, 60 CM, 70 CM.

Measure: 25 CM
SKU: C7IF2000