Biodegradable wet wipes for dogs and cats - Pet Wipes

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All packs of Eco Pet Wipes for dogs and cats are made up of cleaning wipes made from 100% biodegradable fabric that can be thrown into the toilet.
These sanitizing wipes are perfect for any occasion that requires waterless cleaning: at home, on a walk, traveling or when the pet cannot be washed.
The package is equipped with a freshness-saving lid, which is practical and convenient to always have at hand.
Wet wipes for dogs and cats that are biodegradable and can be thrown into the toilet
Dog wipes guarantee effective cleaning and detersion for your animals and are available in different fragrances, without forgetting the care of the environment.
To the already large variety of fragrances available, the Chamomile fragrance is added, perfect for use delicately on the animal's sensitive areas, such as eyes and ears, without being dangerous for their health.

Fragrance: Vanilla
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