Hay for Rabbits Hay - Dandelion and Chamomile

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Hay by Croci is an excellent hay for rabbits, 100% natural and rich in fibre, substances that aid intestinal transit and promote the elimination of ingested fur.
Enriched with Dandelion and Chamomile, this hay has a delicious blend that makes the hay even tastier and suitable for the diet of rabbits and rodents: in fact chamomile is known for its relaxing effects and dandelion is famous for its toning and revitalizing virtues .
Ideal Hay for Dwarf Rabbits
Hay Hay for Rabbits is an ideal complementary feed for all types of rabbits, small rodents and guinea pigs and perfect if you are looking for hay for dwarf rabbits.
It is available in 500 gram packs (net weight at origin) and has the following composition: hay 94% – Dandelion 3% – Chamomile 3%.
We advise you to feed the fresh product every day in the appropriate trough, always removing the remaining hay first.
If you are looking for the best hay for dwarf rabbits you have found it!
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