Bobby dog ​​jacket - Dog

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Elegant waterproof dog jacket embellished on the outside with a decorative patch and lined on the inside with a soft fleece lining. The jacket is adjustable thanks to the Velcro straps and is equipped with a convenient zip that facilitates the passage of the leash.
Waterproof dog jacket perfect for the winter period
The product is ideal for the winter period and protects your pet in case of bad weather. It is simple to wash thanks to the possibility of placing it comfortably in the washing machine at a maximum of 30°.
The product is available in blue, red, black and in numerous sizes: 25cm, 28cm, 30cm, 32cm, 34cm, 36cm, 38cm, 40cm, 42cm, 44cm, 48cm, 52cm , 56cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm.

Measure: 25 CM
Color: Blue
SKU: MTDOG_61_025