Eco Clean vegetable cat litter

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Eco Clean Vegetale is an ecological, granular and clumping cat litter, 100% natural and barley-based.
It is available in packs of 6 -10 – 20 liters and has a shelf life of 8-9 weeks.
It has a very effective action thanks to its high absorbent power which neutralizes odors.
If you have the problem of eliminating the smell of cat litter, with Eco Clean you have found the right and convenient solution.
Ecological and eco-friendly clumping litter
Eco Clean is a clumping cat litter made from special absorbent plant fibers which thicken when in contact with liquids, creating an easily removable "ball".
Eco Clean Vegetale is also an Ecological Litter because it reduces CO2 in the atmosphere. Its particular vegetable fibres, coming mainly from local crops, make it a highly eco-friendly cat litter with a low environmental impact production process.
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Format: 6 litres
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