Cat litter - Tofu Clean

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Tofu Clean is an exclusive Tofu Cat Litter entirely of vegetable origin and soy-based, completely natural, biodegradable and completely free of chemical components.
With the Super Absorbent Tofu Cat Litter you say Stop Odors!
Tofu Clean guarantees maximum absorbency and odor control while remaining light and delicate on paws. It is 100% safe and non-toxic for humans and animals, furthermore it does not scratch floors and does not release dust.
Today Tofu Clean is also available in the new and convenient 20 liter (9 kg) pack, as well as in the traditional 10 liter (4.5 kg) and 6 liter (2.6 kg) packs.
Biodegradable and easy to dispose of clumping tofu cat litter
Clumping cat litter, 100% biodegradable and therefore easy to dispose of thanks to the clumping action of the vegetable fibers with which it is made which retain the cat's liquids, creating a compact ball that guarantees maximum absorbency. It is a litter that can be easily removed and disposed of in the toilet or in domestic compost or as fertilizer in the vegetable garden or garden.
On this page you will find the complete line of Croci Clean Litter.

Format: 6 litres
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