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Fresh Cocktails dog cooling mat is the perfect product during the summer season to refresh your four-legged friend.
It is made externally of polyester and PVC: materials that make it waterproof and more resistant to scratches and wear.
The material is embellished with a colorful tropical fruit pattern.
Dog cooling mat ideal for summer!
Inside there is a non-toxic gel, which is activated by your puppy's body weight, generating a constant and homogeneous sensation of freshness over the entire surface.
The mat is made safe thanks to the double sealing of the edges to avoid gel leaks.
The dog cooling mat is easy to clean and store.
To be able to use it, you do not need electricity, water or a freezer and it can also be used by people on the hottest days.

Measure: 90X50X6 CM
SKU: C6007895