Super Nappy Dog Sleepers

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The Super Nappy Sleepers are special hygienic mats for dogs with Activated Carbon, a super absorbent and practical multi-layered product, which helps solve the hygiene problems of our four-legged friends by reducing odors, hiding yellow stains and protecting the home by guaranteeing maximum hygiene and safety.
They are also perfect for training your puppies to do their business in a dedicated space.
These Absorbent Dog Pads are suitable for every type of puppy dog ​​and are available in two sizes: 57×54 cm and 84×57 cm and in three types of packs of 14, 30 or 60 mats.
Two extra-large packs are now also available: 71×86 cm with 40 pieces and 71×112 cm with 25 pieces.
Activated Carbon Dog Sleepers: Stop Odors and Yellow Stains!
Thanks to the contribution of Activated Carbon, these special Hygienic Sleepers not only completely absorb unpleasant odors, but they never present the ugly and smelly yellow stains typical of puppies' needs.
The upper layer absorbs liquids while the intermediate one, again thanks to the presence of Activated Carbon, naturally reduces all kinds of bad odors, because thanks to its bleaching action, it eliminates annoying yellow urine stains and guarantees maximum discretion making the domestic environment a pleasant environment in which to live.

Measure: 71 X 112 CM
Pieces: 25
SKU: CC7111225